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In FY 2018-19 Tata Steel Limited arrived at its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related material issues through an exclusive and extensive stakeholder engagement process. The Economic material issues have been revisited through various stakeholder engagement processes and business reviews by the senior leadership. Our strategic planning process incorporates the Economic, Environmental, Social, and Governance material issues relevant for the long-term growth and financial success of the Company.

Economic - Material issue Key actions
Business growth
  • Focus on organic and inorganic growth
  • Strengthening of the New Materials and Service and Solutions businesses
  • Foraying into newer segments such as oil and gas and lifting and excavation
  • Increase in the sales of downstream products
Long-term profitability
  • Maintain leadership in chosen segments
  • Enhancement of raw material security
  • Enhancement of operational efficiency
  • Shikhar25 cost management initiatives
Product quality
  • Product and process innovation
  • Value engineering and customer service teams
  • Innovative routes to market
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Environmental - Material issue Key actions
Renewable and clean energy
  • Significant renewable energy potential identified across all locations
Waste management
  • Recovery and reuse of metal from steelmaking slag
  • Sustained 100% solid waste utilisation in FY 2019-20 at Jamshedpur and Kalinganaga
Water consumption and effluent discharge
  • Minimising freshwater consumption by upgradation of existing water treatment and cooling tower systems to increase its efficiency and reusing treated waste water from Sewage Treatment Plant at Bara for industrial purpose
  • Undertaken river basin study to identify watershed-level risks at Jamshedpur
Energy efficiency
  • Process optimisation initiatives such as waste heat recovery systems and by-product gas utilisation
Air pollution
  • Investment in air pollution control equipment
Supply chain sustainability
  • Formulation and release of Responsible Supply Chain Policy and guidelines for supply chain partners
  • eploying Responsible Supply Chain Policy in FY 2020-21
CO2 emission
  • Four transition risks and six opportunities identified for Tata Steel India, based on the TCFD framework
  • Pursuing collaborations with technology experts to abate carbon emission
  • Formation of a governance structure (Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Management) for biodiversity management at all locations
  • Development of Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs) for eight mining locations and Tata Steel BSL at Dhenkanal
Circular economy
  • Steel scrap processing unit under commissioning at Rohtak, Haryana with a 5,00,000 tonne per year capacity
  • Advocacy with various government and industry bodies to build scrap utilisation networks
Social - Material issue Key actions
Occupational health & safety (OHS)
  • Leadership capability development at all levels to achieve zero harm
  • Identification and mitigation of hazards and risks
  • Reduction in safety incidents on road and rail to ensure zero fatalities inside plant premises
  • Excellence in Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Establishment of industrial hygiene and improvement in occupational health
Labour relations
  • Concluded wage revision with structural changes
  • Introduction of Leave Bank to enable employees to assist co-workers in need
Drinking water
  • Installation and repair of drinking water facilities through CSR interventions
Local sourcing of labour
  • Recruiting indigenous (SC/ST) people in the workforce
  • Improving vendors’ share of business from SC/ST communities by training them to match the Company’s requirements for various products and services
Talent retention
  • Address contemporary needs of employees such as a five-day work week, work-from-home, satellite office operation for spouses, childcare facilities, career break opportunities, paternity leave, etc.
  • Attract and retain diverse talent including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and LGBTQ+ community
  • Development of workforce capability through various programmes; fostering a diverse workforce through MOSAIC* framework
Governance - Material issue Key actions
Going beyond compliance and setting trends for future regulations
  • Strengthened collaborations with technical institutes, technology start-ups and academia for technology leadership, climate change and other environmental issues
Greater stakeholder engagement
  • Enhancement of specialised channels such as public meetings, vendor-focussed committees, Speak Up toll-free number, platforms such as conference and construction conclave, zonal and similar events
Greater sustainability disclosures
  • Consistent improvement in our disclosures through the
  • Framework, worldsteel indicators and UNGC* Communication on Progress
  • Updating website periodically to enhance transparency
Technology, product and process innovation
  • Ventures, Innoventure and Alliance management function formed in FY 2019-20 to focus on monetising our Intellectual Property, leverage the start-up ecosystem and build strategic collaborations with the academia and industry
  • In-house Innovent platform to support consumer in innovation for generating key customer insights
  • Developed 155 new products in FY 2019-20, including those for high-strength automotive structural applications
Technical knowledge transfer and capacity building for relevant partners
  • Engagement with supply chain partners on Responsible Supply Chain Policy
  • Conduct Vendor Capacity Advancement Programmes (VCAP)
Responsible advocacy for the steel and mining sector
  • Engaging with industry bodies and peer networks in sharing best practices, training, research and ideas that enhance the overall performance of the industry

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